This is the summer capsule of 2017

Finally, the sun is showing off her best side again. Time to give our hair a fresh, summery make-over. And with this hairstyle you will be the star of this summer!

Pinterest is constantly analyzing its most pinned photos and trends. The perfect barometer so to know what's all hip & happening. Like the blunt bob. This hairstyle promises to shave high tops this summer.

The blunt bob? With this classic bob variant, your hair is on your front just over your ears. Your hair is cut in a blunt way, making your hairstyle look much more playful. Your hair looks a lot fuller than it actually is, so this haircut is cut for people with nice hair! But also with thicker hair, this hairstyle is a real hit.

In addition, there are many aspects to you. It is the ideal haircut for busy moms and workaholics, because you can wear it very messy. If you have to go to a party, make your hair pretty smooth or waving you with loose curls or beach waves.